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5 things your landlord doesn't want you to know
“It sure would be nice if more people in the commercial real estate business had Steve’s long-term perspective.”
Josh S
President, Sandler Training
“The Ellis Group knows how to read the market and has a knack for putting together deals that are ‘win-win’ for both tenant and landlord.”
Frank G, Luigi's Pizza
“The Ellis Group did an amazing job and is dedicated to high ethical standards.”
Nate B, Cypress Networks

Tenant Representative Commercial Real Estate NC
You need to talk to us if your lease is expiring in the next few years. It is beneficial to use an experienced commercial tenant representative (rep) who only represents tenants – at NO COST. We have extensive market knowledge of commercial space and negotiating skills to deliver bottom-line savings.

We are different from most commercial real Tenant Rep we ONLY represent tenantsestate brokers serving clients throughout the Piedmont Triad and Carolinas.

  • ONLY represent tenants (no conflict of interest).
  • Offers extensive knowledge of the Piedmont Triad commercial market.
  • Provides experienced strategic planning, site selection and negotiations.
  • Delivers great cost savings and insight into the commercial real estate market (office, retail and industrial space).

It is in your self interest to know the properties that best meet your criteria, including location, amenities, pricing and what actual deal can be negotiated given market conditions. Many companies don’t know it COSTS NOTHING to have a tenant rep (a professional real estate broker) represent them during the search for their next retail, office or industrial facility in the Piedmont Triad and central Carolina.

There is NO COST for our services because the leasing commission is built into each property’s annual budget. The tenant rep and landlord’s listing agent split the commission. The landlord’s agent gets it ALL if you don’t have representation.

Remember that the annual cost of real estate is the second largest line item on your profit and lost statement. It’s imperative to have our extensive market knowledge and landlord/broker network on your team. Otherwise, you’ll be leaving money on the table with your next real estate deal.

Commercial clients rely on our extensive knowledge of the existing commercial real estate inventory to find the right property – at the best possible price. Our service is crucial for long-term planning and expansion because we know what proposed projects are in the pipeline.

Contact The Ellis Group to unleash the power of professional tenant representation.
Tenant Representative Commercial Real Estate NC